JTiger and LC Publishing media to showcase and connect

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JTiger and LC Publishing media to showcase and connect

Orange County CompaniesAPPS,Videos,websites and Social media - Let us publish your Media on all kinds of sites  and directories

We produce media and do listings of companies on search engines social and directory sites across the internet. We can go to your location and do online web and media creation for your business. We do a free consultation and evaluate your needs and create websites with unlimited possibilities. Learn about website creation click here -

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We are a small website development company that works one on one with other small business owners and organization. We feel that our job is to teach and impalement the best technologies to help business market their company. The owner of the company is a long team resident of Orange County from the home town of Placentia since 1963.born in California now living in Costa Mesa. Our policy is simple made in the USA for other that are citizens in the USA " We do not outsource and we do all the work" We teach only people that are homeless, disabled and those that are long team unemployed work for us. If you not the link at the bottom " Lambcottage resource, recycling and homeless project " that is the other half of our company. We are interested in helping other that is what I do as a web devloper . Market companies and their products. I also help others by giving them jobs to be a marketing force for the companies I work for. The companies that I work for have the chance to be a sponsor by offering products to the sales force to help them sell.My story as a web designer started like a lot of my companies as an idea. Back in 1995 I was the owner of an Art framing company that sold art that captured the history and art of  America. I even went to Washington DC to meet with millionaire artist had to get a FBI clearance just to go. I decided the the years of making about  anything in America was dated. So I thought it would be great to make things on computers. So I bought a Mac, PC and learned Linux. I started working with open source software and open source projects. This is what Google built their businesses on. I started in the year 2000 doing it for a living. I'm mostly self taught, most colleges do not teach it in schools. I have always been a thinker and a person that looks to solutions. Back it 2004 I started working with a worldwide project called Joomla. I have found that there is many ways to do thinks on the internet.  Being a business owner since I dropped out of High School in 1972 and being a traveler of the United States on many tours has made me also a person that knows the needs or a small business man who may want to take his company to the next level.

In Orange County we create media to showcase and connect. You can Schedule a photo shoot with your company today. Photo shoots are easy,  on average it takes 1-2 hours. We can do both video and photos for your company. Call 714-798-9811

Our group is focused on helping people connect. We help in distribution and content set up of media. Helping companies and people use the available resources to spread your word  or information on the internet. We have created a variety of videos helping companies do this. All valid companies or people with a product or service that is a valid is welcomed to use this site as a resource to list it in the directory. We help introduce  people to  great products and services.  We are adding only real companies that have been verified. Become a charter member while we are in the development stage of the site. Get stared by contacting us on-line now. We can help you with:

Website creation - All kinds of websites including E-commerce - Social Communities - Basic Information business sites
E-Bay -Set-up and deployed E-bay stores and integrated marketing benefits to your main company brand.
Amazon - Set-up and deployed Amazon stores and integrated marketing and traffic benefits to main company brand
FaceBook Set-up and deployed FaceBook company pages to create a personal public relation for companies to clients.
E-Commerce - Set-up and deployed E-Commerce sites both subscription type and self hosted.
YouTube - We made all kinds of videos for YouTube and can film and produce a video channel..